2024 Siebel Scholarship Recipients

From an outstanding group of talented applicants, Holly Trujillo of Base Camp Beer Works (Grand Junction, CO) and Jorge Cervantes of ShaKa Brewing (Sunnyvale, CA) have been named recipients of the 2024 Siebel Institute scholarships.  Our scholarship program encompasses over half of the United States geography and the scholarships drew candidates from throughout that region.  Both scholarships are to the WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology that takes place this November in Chicago.  The Concise Course in Brewing Technology is a two-week intensive program that covers every topic critical to successful brewery operations.  

Holly Trujillo

Holly had a diverse and rewarding career before committing to a career in craft brewing. In her own words, “I never felt the passion, enjoyment and satisfaction I feel while brewing”. One of the many things that impressed the Selection Committee is Holly’s strong sense of community. “She is deeply involved in the Colorado brewing scene. Holly goes out of her way to collaborate with other breweries across the entire state and is particularly active in the Colorado Brewers Guild.” Holly has been on the Guild’s Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion committee for several years. Noted the Selection Committee, “her mentorship and dedication to ensuring that the brewing industry is an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone is impressive. She is emblematic of the continuing evolution of the future landscape of brewing.” Holly brings a wealth of non-brewing experience and maturity to her brewing experience. Summarized well by the Selection Committee, “with her depth of resourcefulness, creativity, and steadfast dedication to the craft, the Siebel education is aptly timed to take Holly to the next level.”

Jorges Cervantes

Jorge worked at Faultline Brewing and Fox Tale Fermentation Project before joining ShaKa Brewing. Jorge has worked his way through virtually every position and contributed to all facets of the overall business at these breweries. Noted the Selection Committee,” it takes a certain type of dedication and intellectual curiosity to make a brewery run successfully. One has to play many positions well and simultaneously. Jorge has learned what it takes not only to brew great beer but also to successfully operate a brewery from multiple angles.” A number of Selection Committee members noted Jorge’s Mexican American heritage and what Jorge wrote resonated with them all: “I want to be the bridge that brings more people like me to the industry, spreading knowledge that crosses borders, languages, and cultural barriers.” Jorge is at a perfect phase of his career for some formal learning, and he’ll bring back to the brewery knowledge and perspective that will benefit everyone.

On both Holly and Jorge, the Selection Committee stated that “the pool of candidates this round was exceptional, one of the strongest ever. While Holly and Jorge did rise above the rest, there were so many great brewers to choose from. Ultimately, their abilities to express what they already are doing to create community coupled with their passion to bring beer to underserved communities were some of the reasons these two stood out.”

Selection Committee

Join us in thanking the Selection Committee of Jamie Floyd (Ninkasi Brewing), Keith Lemcke (Siebel Institute), John Maier (Rogue Ales), Lisa Morrison (Belmont Station Bottle Shop & Biercafé), Shaun O’Sullivan (21st Amendment Brewery), and Cat Wiest (Yakima Chief Hops). This year also marks the first time the Foundation has included a prior scholarship recipient (Cat Wiest 2019 Siebel International Diploma program) on the Siebel Selection Committee. We are committed to continuing to include prior scholarship recipients on our Selection Committees for all future scholarships.  

20 years & 56 Scholarships

This is a special year as it represents the 20th year of our brewing education scholarships and collaboration with the Siebel Institute of Technology. Our deepest thank you and heartfelt appreciation goes to everyone at Siebel for their years of enthusiasm, dedication and encouragement.

To date, the Foundation has granted a total of 56 brewing education scholarships and currently offers three scholarships annually. For more information on the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation, our brewing scholarship program, and related activities, visit www.glenfalconerfoundation.org.


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